MOCK Tests

  • Comprehension
  • Mathematics
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning

Why should I enrol my child for the St. Olave’s Parents’ Association mock test?

If you were to pick only one mock test as practice for your child, it would be as similar to a real admission test as possible. The St. Olave’s PA mock test, held in the school hall, provides a school environment and also has four separate timed sections across Comprehension, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning. You will receive results showing which questions your child got correct, wrong or did not attempt. This will help you decide whether he or she needs more support for a particular section in terms of practice or speed or both. You will also receive a ranking within the cohort who sat the test at the same time as your child (separately for boys and girls and also across all candidates) which will help you understand their readiness for the real test. We believe that the price of £60 for the test is good value for you.

Why is a Parents’ Association running a mock test?

As parents who been through the process that you are going through, we understand that it can be a stressful time. We plan to run a mock test on a number of dates in May and June in order to raise funds for the school while simultaneously offering parents of prospective entrants to grammar schools a practice test designed in the way we wished had been available when our children were seeking admission to Year 7.

Details about the test and results

How much will the mock test cost?

The mock test will cost £60.

What questions will the mock test contain?

The mock test is intended to be as close to the St. Olave’s Stage 1 Selective Eligibility Test (SET) as possible. It will contain four separate timed sections across Comprehension, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning.

How long is the mock test

The actual test will be around 60 minutes similar to the St. Olave’s SET as well as that of several other grammar schools. The entire process from the time you drop your child at the specified location until the time you can collect them is likely to be just under 2 hours.

Can I get a copy of the test questions?

For copyright reasons we will not be distributing the test questions.

How will test results be presented?

Results will be sent to you mentioning, for each question, whether your child attempted the question and if so, whether he or she answered correctly or incorrectly. In addition to getting the percentage score of your child in each section, you will also see their percentile rank within the cohort taking the test that week. The percentile rank of your child (across all of the same sex and within the same year group within the cohort) will also be provided. At the end of June, similar percentile ranks will be provided across the entire population who have taken the test.

When will I get my child’s results?

Results will generally be available within two weeks after your child has taken the mock test.

Are past papers available for practice?

Past papers are not available for practice. However, there are sample questions on the St Olave’s Grammar school website available by clicking here . In addition, a sample test paper can be bought from the school during the Open Day.

Booking a test

What if I cannot afford the mock test fees?

The St. Olave’s Parents’ Association believes that everyone should have the opportunity to gain admission to a Grammar school and is offering some free places at the test to those who can demonstrate financial hardship (for example to students in receipt of the Pupil Premium). If you wish to avail of one of these free places, please apply in confidence to assistance@saintolavespa.net providing details.

What if my child has special requirements?

Some of the mock test sessions will cater to those with special educational needs, known medical needs or other circumstances which may require positive action on the day of the Test. You will be required to provide documentary evidence of needs. Again, the emphasis is to replicate the actual test. If you believe that your child could be eligible to receive extra time on their grammar school admission test, we recommend you carefully consider whether to seek this for the mock test. We say this as any review of documents and decision on eligibility for extra time taken by the Parents’ Association will be completely separate from a decision by the School on extra time.

Are there limited places for the mock test?

We have a limited number of dates on which mock tests will be offered and each has a limited number of places. Therefore early booking is recommended.

Why are mock test dates only in May and June?

Parents felt that it is not advisable to have the tests too early while children are in Year 5. Similarly, we did not want to hold them during the summer holidays. A limited number of weekends in May and June were felt to be the best time when children are reasonably prepared, while also allowing some time for additional focus and preparation using feedback from the mock tests.

Can I book my child for more than one test date?

We do not recommend this.

Can I pay by credit card, cheque or cash?

We currently only accept payment by PayPal. Setting up an account with Paypal is simple.

Changing or cancelling a test

Once I have booked, can I change or cancel a test?

You can change the date of a test once or cancel it within 2 weeks of booking for free (unless you book within 4 weeks of mock test date in which case a change or cancellation within 2 days is free). After that, there will be a £30 administrative cost for either cancellation or one date change. Any changes will be subject to availability of a place on another date.

What if the PA changes or cancels a test?

In the unlikely event of the Parents’ Association having to change or cancel the date of a test, we will give you at least two weeks’ notice and will offer you a choice of all available dates or a full refund.

On the day:

What does my child need to bring for the mock test?

We recommend that your child bring a pen, a few HB pencils, pencil sharpener and eraser in a transparent bag. A transparent bottle of water (with no label) is also advisable. Calculators and language aids (dictionaries, smartphones, etc.) are not permitted.

What School entrance can we use?

Entry is via the Park Avenue Entrance, there will be no entry from the Goddington Lane Entrance.

Is parking available?

There is no parking available on site and extremely limited parking in neighbouring roads. If you are driving to the school, you are advised to park at Tesco’s Orpington where up to three hours of free parking is available with no requirement to use the store. Please arrive at the school through the Park Avenue entrance.

Is there a waiting area for parents?

There is no waiting area for parents.

What time should we arrive and what time can we collect our children?

If you have a morning session booked, you are advised to arrive by 9.30 a.m. Your child should be ready for collection from 11:15 am.
If you have an afternoon session booked, you are advised to arrive by 2:30 pm. Your child should be ready for collection from 4:15 pm.
Entry to the School will be via the Park Avenue entrance only.

Can I accompany my child to the examination hall?

In order to make the mock test as realistic as possible this is not permitted.

What happens if we are late?

If you are more than 15 minutes late your child will not be able to sit the mock test. Unfortunately no refund can be given.

What happens if my child is ill on the day

If your child is ill on the day and you notify us in advance as well as provide a certificate from a doctor, subject to availability, we will allow you to book another mock test. If there are no remaining places, we will give you a refund.

Please note that the Mock Tests are being organised and run exclusively by the St. Olave’s Parents’ Association. Therefore, please direct any queries to the Parents’ Association and not to the School.